Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gluttony & Lust

Taking a mini break from the 31 day challenge to swatch a couple of indie franken polishes. Fans of @feliifel on Instagram will know about her fabulous line of nail polishes aptly named Nail Sauce. The two polishes I am reviewing today are from her Se7en Collection based on the seven deadly sins.

First we have Gluttony, a cool toned pink creme base with tiny rose and fushia hex glitters and large sky blue hex glitters made to resemble a yummy cupcake.

This formula is slightly sheer, but buildable to full opacity in 3 thin coats. You could also layer 1 layer of this over a similar-coloured pink polish for the same effect. I didn't need to fish out the larger glitters; what you see on the nail is what came out with each stroke. I did, however, place the blue hexes around the nail a little to create an even spacing of them. This polish dries rather quickly, and it also dries with a semi-matte finish. For a high gloss shine, I just added a coat of Seche Vite top coat, and this also evened out the slightly raised texture of the glitters to a smooth surface.

The next polish is Lust, a mix of medium red hex glitters with silver holographic and red heart glitters. Yes, heart-shaped glitters! These are suspended in a sheer black jelly base.

I decided to use this as a topper over a black creme polish and the glitters become the stars of the mani. What you see on the nails is two thin coats. I did have to fish in the bottle to pull out the heart glitters. I'm fine with that though since you can control how many hearts you have on each nail and you are able to turn them in the direction you want them to face. Since the larger pieces of glitter lay straight across the nail and don't follow the curve of the nail bed, you get a little bit of a raised edge. This is fixable with a thicker coat of Seche Vite, and the top of the nail is nice and smooth.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of these polishes. They were fast drying and easy to work with. They can be purchased from Felicia's website www.nailsauce.com along with other Nail Sauce polishes. She is having her final restock of her polish Space Junk tomorrow, so be sure to check that out so you don't miss out!

Thanks as always for reading, and come back tomorrow for my day 12 manicure using another indie brand polish!

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