Monday, September 17, 2012

Freak Show Polish

Today I'll be bringing you a review for all five of the polishes from Freak Show Polish. This line of polishes is based around the attractions you can find at the circus lending them a fun, yet still unique vibe. All of the nail polishes consist of different finishes, sizes, and shapes of glitter suspended in a clear base. These are handmade nail polishes made by Carisa (@mrs_cbaker on Instagram) and can be found for purchase on

The first polish we have is Sword Swallower, a mix of silver bar, small silver duo-chromes to black hexagonal, and tiny holographic Mylar glitters. I have layered two thin coats over a white nail polish here. The glitter is very nice to apply, not too thick, and gives a great glitter payoff with each coat. There is no need to push around or place the glitters; they spread event over the nail with each brush stroke. I found absolutely no clumping of glitters, which sometimes tends to be the case with bar glitters, so that was also great. The smaller holographic Mylar glitters add iridescence to the overall look without being too flashy and look absolutely gorgeous under direct sunlight.

The next polish is Snake Lady, which is a mix of large matte white hex, medium chocolate brown hex, small black and chocolate brown hex, and tiny black and holographic mylar glitters. Here I have layered the glitter polish over an unknown Color Club polish with a maroon/brown duo-chrome metallic base with gold shimmer throughout. I feel that this polish really compliments Snake Lady very well. This polish is very similar to the first in quality; very easy to apply, also in with coats in the pictures above. The only small downside is that I have to fish out a few of the larger white pieces and place them evenly around the nail. These pieces tend to want to stick together, mainly because of their size, but once they are on the nail, they add a great pop of contrast to the rest of the glitters.

Here is Lion Tamer one of my favourites from the line. This is one of the more opaque covered polishes, showing two coats over black in the pictures, but with one additional coat, this polish could cover opaquely on its own. It is a mix of tiny holo mylar glitter, tiny gold hex, small gold square, gold holo bar, small red hex, and red star, yes STAR, glitters. This polish has the same great application as the all the others. It spreads evenly and easily over the nail as you brush the polish on. I had to fish out a star glitter for my index finger, but other than that, all the other fingers got at least one star on them without having to dig through the bottle with the brush. The textures and finish of all the glitters together is extremely pretty, and because they layer on so opaquely, I would suggest a layer of top coat just to even out the surface.

This is Fire Eater, a jam packed polish full with orangey red and marigold yellow glitters. It consists of micro, small hex, and small bar glitters in the red colour, and medium and large hexes in the yellow. I layered two coats over the glitter over two coats of Sonia Kashuk Hot Pursuit. As with all the other polishes, this was a dream to apply. No fishing or placing needed for the larger pieces of glitter either.

Lastly, my favourite polish of the bunch (surprise surprise, haha), Cotton Candy, a gorgeous polish with the tiny holo Mylar glitter found in three of the other polishes, small baby blue and baby pink square glitters, giant pastel pink square glitters, and giant diamond baby blue glitters. All of the glitters other than the holo Mylar ones have a satin ribbon finish to them. It lends such a beautiful, soft touch to the look of this polish that I have not seen before. Layered over OPI - You Callin' Me A Lyre?, this pairing is soft and girly, and oh so sweet. As with all the other polishes, this is a dream to apply. I had to fish out a few of the larger pieces of glitter, but overlooking that, this polish is pretty perfect.

Overall, these polishes performed extremely well. They dry slightly slower than what I'm used to, but considering the great application, I'm not complaining. I did top off each swatch with a layer of Seche Vite top coat for faster dry time and to even out any surface uneveness from the larger bits of glitters. This is definitely a collection worth taking a closer look at. With Lion Tamer and Cotton Candy being the absolutely stars within this collection in my opinion, all of them are beautiful and unique. All these polishes are available at and they are available in mini size (5ml) - as shown in the pictures - or full size (15ml) bottles.
These polishes were sent to me for review.

Thanks as always for reading, and see you in the next post!


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