Monday, September 17, 2012

Dirty Berry With Sprinkles On Top

Here's a wonderful polish all the way from Germany, from a brand called Catrice. It's a European makeup brand available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, this brand is not available for purchase online. So I suggest to you all who have lemmings for this polish and others from the brand, make a new European friend haha.

In my haste to update to iOS 6, I deleted all of my old manis to clear up some memory (some 1000+ photos), and accidentally deleted manis I haven't posted yet. So this picture has my Instagram watermarks, I hope you don't mind, but it was too pretty not to share. Also, excuse my lack of posts recently. I've been busy making Karmyn's (my almost one-year-old daughter's) birthday invitation, so I've been working on that in my spare time. I think I'll post extra photos from her photoshoot on here soon. Anyway, back to the mani.

This is two coats of Catrice - Dirty Berry, a dusty bluey lavender with super fine holographic shimmer. The formula is a tad runny compared to what I'm used to, but it dries super quickly and super shiny so I definitely am not complaining about that. The brush also took a little bit to get used to. It has a squared-off top and is slightly wider than what I would prefer, and especially for my pinky, it's hard to not hit my cuticle with the brush. That may be the only big downside to this brand of polish, but that's only for my personal preference. Other than that, this polish was a breeze to apply, and would be really great without a top coat.

I added a little extra sparkle with a glitter gradient from the cuticle down using Color Club - Wish Upon A Rockstar from the Fall 2011 Backstage Pass Collection. It's a clear base with large lavender hexes and a mix of tiny hex glitters. I didn't have any major problem with the large glitters curling, which is a problem for most of the larger glitters in this collection. So I guess I got a good batch.

With all the glitter and sparkle together, you would think this manicure would be too overwhelming, but the gradient of glitter actually helps to balance out the holographic shimmer and adds just the right amount of texture. Overall, I really enjoy the look of these two polishes together. I have a few more polishes from Catrice that I'll be sharing in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks as always for reading!


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