Sunday, September 16, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 13: Animal Print

This was one of the challenges I've been dreading the most to do. Let's just say, it was definitely a challenge for me. So much so that I actually had to redo it after not being happy with the turnout of my first attempt. I am pretty satisfied with the end result.

I started off the nail look with 2 coats of OPI - Take The Stage from the Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection. This polish is a beautiful burnt orangey red, filled with orange flecks of glass shimmer in a slightly jelly-finish base. It is extremely easy to work with, and there is very minimal streaking once the second coat is applied.
I then took a Kiss nail art striper polish in Gold Glitter and made random sized and shaped blobs all over the nail, makin sure not to place them too close together. I then used a dotting tool with some black nail polish and made uneven, unclosed outlines and "C" shapes around the gold. To fill in some open spaces, i added small dots and "C"s to finish the overall leopard spot look. The more sporadic the look, the better. To even off the surface of the nail, I used a generous coat of Seche Vite top coat.

The first time I did this design, I used a black striper to do the outlines, and it just was a sloppy look that I didn't much care for. With the use of a dotting tool (you can also use a tooth pick or the end of a bobby pin), I was able to have much more control of the shapes I was creating.

Overall, I do like the finished outcome of this design, even though I don't feel like animal prints will ever be my best. I still think I did a pretty good job, and I get brownie points for redoing it to make it better right? Haha.

Thanks as always for reading, and keep an eye out later today for the next challenge up on the block: flowers!

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