Saturday, September 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 1: Red

The 31 day challenge is definitely just that - a challenge. It takes you out of your regular niche and makes you choose colours, styles, and patterns that you may not necessarily try or do otherwise. After many a failed mani, I landed on this one for the first day; a simple glitter gradient that is perfect for the upcoming fall season.

So after putting on and removing maybe three or four colours before this one, I finally decided on a shade of red that didn't look too trashy on me. Unless I'm in the mood to wear red, I feel like certain shades on my skin tone and with my length of nail, it just looks inappropriate and gaudy. So this one is Essie - Fishnet Stockings. This has a great formula; it's a one-coater! The colour is a darkened brown-toned brick red. I feel that even though this colour is very vampy and sexy, its without being too over the top and trashy-looking. It's the perfect colour to rock for the fall and winter seasons.

Instead of just doing a simple colour swatch for my first day of the challenge, I added in a little glitter gradient for some extra interest and to break up the red a little bit. I threw on Klean Color - Tango, depositing the polish onto the tips and dragging slightly upwards in soft strokes so as not to pull up the large holographic hexagonal glitters. I felt that leaving those at the bottom instead of working their way up the nail added more of a gradiation to the glitter.

With that is the first manicure for the 31 day challenge! It's definitely not my best and brightest, but at least the designs and manicures can only go up from here! Leave me a comment with any suggestions of what you think I should do for a certain day.

Have a good Septembrrrr, everybody! Xoxo

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